Control Kodi with Tasker and Amazfit BIP

A couple weeks ago I have purchased the Xiaomi Amazfit BIP smartwatch. It is a very cheap (50$) and simple watch with a GPS sensor, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counter and an enormous battery life of multiple weeks! The long battery life is possible through the always-on display which seems to be based on an e-ink display of ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle. In contrast to the ebook readers this display also shows a low range of colors.

Nginx Virtual Host for redirecting non-www to www and HTTPS

In the past I had some problems with wrong redirections of my websites with the nginx webserver. Either the non-www to www or the redirect to the HTTPS version of my site didn’t worked. I figured out the problems with the help of others and some for myself and would like to show you how your virtual hosts should look like to prevent any random redirections. We desire that all requests without HTTPS or the www prefix ( gets redirected to its counterpart (

My i3 config

Since I’m using the i3 window manager I’ve been tweaking it to fit my needs till now. Sure this process will never come to end, but I want to share with you my current config. I’ve copied many useful things from other configs and added for myself some settings which might be useful for you. Feel free to copy some parts into your own config or to change some settings.

Alternative to Page Builders: Widgetize your Wordpress Page

You have probably heared of the visual composer or the page builder for Wordpress. These tools allows you to create a custom page layout in your backend, which doesn’t looks like the common 2/3 wide blog with a 1/3 wide sidebar. The biggest advantage that these tools have is the ability to change the layout and the content from the backend without touching any line of code.